Culture Values

Topics: Family, Culture, Religion Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Cultural Values
Value is something that is very important to an individual. My values are my life, children, family, health, partner, education, and my home. These are the most valuable things to me. I appreciate everything I gained throughout my life and the things I have and that god had blessed me with. I have 5 children that are the most valuable to me. My home is also the most valuable to me, considering that is where my children and I live in.

Culture values are what you have learned in your life that you apply your day to day living and that becomes very important to you. My grandmother on my mom’s side is 100% Hawaiian and when my mother was growing up, she was never thought the full Hawaiian language. Or even the Hawaiian way of doing things. That’s why today, I don’t know too many things of the Hawaiian culture.

My religion is Christian and that doesn’t really play an important role in my life because I go to church sometimes, whenever I get a chance to. I really don’t live by strict rules in my household. I just take it a day at a time. When my family gets together on holidays we do like a potluck thing. Everybody in the family makes a main dish or even a side dish if necessary.

My life is pretty much easygoing and I really don’t have much to say, considering my life is boring and nothing exciting. On a daily basis, I would wake up, cook breakfast, clean house, get my kids up and ready for school. Come home get ready for school on the days I do go. On the days that I’m off, I would clean house. As far as culture values, I don’t speak any other language than English, or participate in any religious beliefs.

If we are celebrating a holiday or a birthday of my family than we would celebrate it at a family members house, or even a day at the beach, in the beginning of the every month we try to eat Hawaiian food. For example, pork lau lau, lomi salmon, poi, raw fish and rice. Sometimes I would take my kids go fishing for just fun. And we...
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