Reflection to Values Among Cultures

Topics: Religion, Morality, Family Pages: 1 (402 words) Published: January 13, 2012
Values Beliefs and traditional practices are uniques to all people yet all have some type of element that corresponds with the domains of all cultures.S.C and I have many characteristics in common, and plenty traits that are quite obvious to distinguish us as unique from another nevertheless S.C and i regard family as the number one priority in our lives. S.C and I have faith in that our core values that create strong feelings of honor,admiration,love along with respect transpired from mentoring by our elders,parents,and siblings. We were both have been taught to lead by example and demonstrate our understanding of appropriate behavior by upholding to the a strict standard of morals and a specific code of ethics. S.C states that Buddhism teachings emphasize self-awareness,dignity as well as self-esteem in addition to self-respect all of which I myself can identify with in terms of spiritual ideology. I am Roman Catholic which is incompatible to Buddhism because it maintains a more ridged set of rules that are necessary to follow in order to belong to the faith.I however,practice my beliefs in a more private setting with the center of my faith surrounding pride in my family,friends and relationships. I pray for forgiveness and to allow me the strength I may need to overcome any hindrance in life or to give strength to others in need I consider this to be similar to S.C religious practices since the nucleus continues to be you and your family’s best interest at heart.S.C and I beliefs are different in that we practice different religious beliefs yet the moral aspect of both correspond with one another by analyzing the fundamentals of what is vital to our families culture. S.C and I also have a large age gap this provides many differences in the way we govern our daily to day lives.We are both actively partake in separate roles in our family dynamics,I am the youngest of three with a ten year separation between my oldest sibling and I therefore i am seen as the...
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