Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

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  • Published : August 19, 2006
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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper
Almost every individual in the US believes that he or she is part of the majority. Almost every citizen believes that his or her choices are the right one. If we all believe that we are correct and the majority, why is their so much conflict in this country? The answer is simple but the solution is not. We all base our beliefs on different racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds and each one of us has been raised differently from the next. Personal Values

Every one leads and lives a different life with different ambitions, motivators and causes. These personal values, while crucial to our survival and growth, makes it difficult to obtain progress smoothly. Milton Constance explains that our lives can be summarized as a fable or short story. "Personal reality is giving meaning to imaged multidimensional experiences" (Constance, 2006). This may sound simple or foolish but it is the foundation of our learning. For centuries, we have been taught by fables, folklore and myths. The fables stay the same but the storyteller and listener changes can explain why the story is spoken and received differently.

In 1989, Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew made nationwide news with a censorship issue. Some believed that their album should be censored and/or banned. The media frenzy not only helped his band become a top selling national act; it made people aware of the fact that we have varying tolerances on what should and should not be made available to the public and minors. This was not the first or last legal battle that involved a band and its rowdy lyrics, but it did cause us to discuss policies in the US.

One can easily see how personal values play into ethics and decisions in today's world. Racial profiling, while illegal and sometimes disturbing, is happening every day. Are there more people fitting a certain racial profile caught because they are guilty or are people fitting a racial profile caught because they are...
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