Culture Shock

Topics: Won't Get Fooled Again, The Culture, Vermont Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Julie Carnes
Culture Shock
SOC 120
University of Phoenix

If I were visiting the villages of the Yanomamo I would need to prepare myself in more ways than one. Since culture shock affects you emotionally, physically, and mentally you would need to prepare yourself for what you were about to experience. Since culture shock can either happen right away or after being some place different for a few days, it’s important to plan ahead. If I were planning a trip to Venezuela or Brazil, where the Yanomamo villages are, I would start planning months before I left. The best way to prepare yourself is to get familiar with the culture you’re about to experience through books, documentaries, and pictures and articles you can find online. Having some sense of what it will be like will help you mentally prepare yourself. To prepare yourself physically you should think about what types of food they eat, how much walking they do, and if there will be any diseases you should get vaccinated for. It’s important to check with your doctor about any shots you’ll need to keep you healthy, since the sanitation level will be less than what you’re used to. I would also exercise to handle the walking or carrying heavy things, since they don’t have cars or trucks. Lastly, I would change my eating habits so that I won’t be going from big meals to something closer to what the Yanomamo eat, that way my body wont go into shock. To prepare yourself emotionally, so you don’t end up homesick, you need to go into the experience with an open mind, and give it a chance. If you go somewhere comparing everything with where you’re from, or consider things either right or wrong, then you’ll probably end up confused and unhappy. If I were going to these villages I would be open to new experiences and remember I’m not at home, I’m in their home, and I need to learn from them to have a good time.

A time I had a bit of culture shock was when I went to Vermont for the first time. For the last two...
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