Transition from an Outsider to an Insider

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Deciding to come to West Virginia felt very hard and unpredictable, as it literally changed the course of my life. My familiarity and past experience with the American system played a role in my integration when I came to the United State. I transferred here at WVU on my sophomore year after completing most of my pre-major courses at an Accredited International University based on the American model. This past experience easily adjusted to the educational aspect here at WVU. When I moved to WVU, I felt concerned with my ability to socialize with everyone around me. I hoped people would try to know the true me instead of placing me within a category of people just because of what my first name sounded like. In time, I noticed that the unfamiliar nature of my name would make the difference in the kind of treatment received. Instead, I decided to stay positive, put all these cliché aside and focus on the different stages of my group formation and what came along with it. When I first moved to WVU, I resolved to meet with international students to help me socialize. By getting to know them better, I avoided isolation, and it introduced me to new cultures along with people from all around the world. The University particular presence in Morgantown allow small businesses to thrive in such a small community, which includes the thousands of international students, and therefore contributes to the economic expansion of Morgantown throughout the years. Following my first semester, I started to get used to the local life style, which somehow helped me overcome this cultural shock that I definitely considered to be a huge barrier when I first moved here to West Virginia. I struggled to acclimate to a completely different culture, which I also considered to be different from the American one I needed to adapt to. However, at some point after almost a year, I realized that my options seemed very limited. I urged to find out some way to get to know more people, get integrated...
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