Culture Clash

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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To what extent, does culture influences our thoughts, feelings, actions and perceptions of those around us?

What is Culture Clash?

In society, individuals accumulate the tendency to stereotype groups of individuals based upon their individualities of their biased thoughts. For instance, the media/pop culture illustrates the exaggeration of the differences. The 2004 American comedy-drama film, "Spanglish" directed by James L. Brooks, starring Adam Sandler, Paz Vega, and Téa Leoni. The film begins with Cristina Moreno applying to Princeton University[->0]. As she applies to this college, she demonstrates the remarkable story of her childhood. Immigrated from Mexico, Flor Moreno, a poor single mother, is hired as the housekeeper for John and Deborah Clasky, their kids and grandmother, who are a rich American[->1] family. John is head chef at a popular restaurant, Deborah is a former businesswoman mother, and Evelyn is a former jazz singer. The 'group', in this film, that is being targeted is, in fact, the Moreno family. The Hollywood/pop culture decided to portray this group the 'typical' Mexican immigrated family, where the 'single' mother immigrates from Mexico to the U.S, with the language and her child, and becomes a uneducated maid. This is seen as a negative light because this stereotype is false and it bias, it illustrates that all immigrants from Mexico, especially the single females, become a poor, uneducated, maid, with a child. Deborah, clearly indicates racial jokes that influence the stereotype. Since she is aware that Flor can neither speak or understand English, she blurts them disrespectfully. This disgraceful stereotype hurts the Mexican race, it sets the scene that these female Mexican immigrants, that want their freedom in America, cannot earn it fairly because of the media/pop culture. Unfortently, this film has chosen to use this group in their film to portray the difficulties an Mexican single mother has. This film clearly illustrates...
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