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GED 199 - UAE Society
Guidelines for the Research Project
Professor : Joanna Seraphim
Canadian University of Dubai

You have to fill the form for the Research Project before March 19th 2013, like that, I can check if your subject is correct and if you are on the right path.

The Research project will have to be handed out April 14th, or the Presentation will be done April 14th-15th. It is a Subject on the UAE : 5 pages or 1600 word, or 8 minutes of Presentation in class. The work is individual it is not a group work.

First Step : plan, choose a subject and define your objectives

The number of subjects linked to the course, meaning the UAE society (for example history, economy, traditions, cultures, social issues, education, politics, immigration, women...) are illimited.

After you choose your subject, you have to justify in the introduction why you choose that subject: * Personal motives : the theme is a subject that interest you. * Why does this subject interest you?

* You have found that there are enough sources (books, articles, websites) on the subject that are linked to the course


You have to select various documents (texts, Articles, books, websites, or maps or tables) and study them. You will have to based your Research project on at least 3 sources. The writing of you Research paper

You have to write a text of 5 pages or 1600 words or more, based on the sources (books, articles and websites) you have chosen. Your work plan would be divided in 3 parts, including a bibliography:

A title
1. Introduction : You describe briefly your subject.
You present your plan (Firstly, I will present..., Secondly, I will study... Thirdly, I will analyse/describe...). 2. Descriptive Presentation: Your text on the subject, a synthesis of what you have read, divided in 3 parts. 3. Conclusion: A brief summary of your Descriptive Presentation. 4. Bibliography: List of the sources/references quoted in the text or consulted during your research.

The Spacing shoud be 1,5, the font size should be 12, and the font should be a "normal one", like Calibri, Times new Roman, Arial, Cambria

The quality of the English language, and the norms of presentation are also important.

Plagiarism, cheating and fraud
Your research project must reprensent the result of a personal effort, you are not allowed to work in group. Plagiarism and copying of texts or sections of documents without quoting the sources are not accepted. Furthermore, this research paper must have been written for this course, and not be a former research paper from another course. It is also forbidden to use a work prepared by another person.

How to quote a document
It is important to quote all your sources in indicating them correctly in the text and to present the list at the end of your written work. Meaning, if you use the book of HEARD-BEY, Frauke. (2004). From Trucial States to United Arab Emirates. Motivate Publishing, to write a paragraph: 1. You do not copy her words, you reformulate what you read in your own words, 2. At the end of the paragraph (or of each paragraph you based your work on her book), you use ,+(Family name, year of publication of the book). So for example:

For a century, each time a Portuguese ship met an Arab one, he destroyed it (Krane, 2009). If a coastal settlement did not hand over the harbour, shipping and fortifications at once, the entire population risked being put to death or mutilated (Heard-Bey, 2004).

Or, if you think ONE of her sentence is very insightful and you want to quote this sentence (but not the whole book), you use " " at the beginning and end of the sentence, and at the end of the sentence, you add , +(Family name, year of publication, page number). So for example:

"Abu Dhabi, by far the largest State, occupying approximatively 87 per cent of the total UAE territory, owes it character to the desert", (Heard-Bey, 2004, p. 11).

This little...
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