Scholarly vs Pop Media Focus on Sexuality Paper

Topics: Police, Law enforcement, Police officer Pages: 4 (969 words) Published: April 27, 2013
1 Title of Project:
Improving Security of Buildings on Campus

2 Introduction:

The purpose of increasing campus security is to harbor a safe environment for students and faculty.

3 Description of the current situation:
Explain your interest in and experience with this topic. Describe any previous research you have conducted on this or related topics, any classes you have taken on this or related topics, or any reading you have already done in the field. If you have personal experience that has lead you to want to do more research, describe that here too. In lieu of the tragic events that occurred on

4 Description of the project plan:
The plan is to engage the Campus Department of Security and the university police to increase patrols and police presence on campus and within the resident’s halls.

Explain why this topic is worth considering, or this question or series of questions is worth answering. Answer the following questions: why should your instructor let you select this topic? what do you hope to learn from it? what will this new knowledge add to the field of knowledge that already exists on this topic? what new perspective will you bring to the topic? what use might your final research paper have for others in this field or in the general public? who might you decide to share your findings with once the project is complete?

5 Review of qualifications:
Describe the kind of research you will conduct to complete this project (library research, internet research, interviews, observations, ethnographies, etc.)
Nowadays, university studies have much more complaints of public nucience in residence halls, wild fraternity parties, or even sexual assaults. The more serious concern in school massacres.

Law Enforcement Officers are now trained to conduct Community Oriented Policing (COP), which is a new program in conjunction with university police to allow more visible on campus.

Stalking, sexual assaults,
Less serious...
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