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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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SEMINAR PRESENTATIONS (1 per term, 5% each, worth 10% in total):

Your group has approximately 30 minutes for your presentation. The presentation is based on the seminar reading for which your group signed up and should demonstrate your ability to comprehend and summarize the article; however, do not just read your summary like you are reading a list of facts. Synthesize the material and present it in a coherent, informative and engaging manner. Incorporate such things as group discussions and activities and any visual aids to augment your presentation. It will also be the group’s responsibility to lead a discussion during and/or after the presentation. The presentation will be graded in the following way:

➢ 2. 5 points: ability to communicate orally in a clear, engaging and accessible manner ➢ 2. 5 points: summary/synthesis of the reading (how well the group conveyed the main arguments of the article, organization & clarity of presentation etc.)

SUMMARY ASSIGNMENT (1 per term, 5% each, worth 10% in total):

An important part of being a university student is understanding, summarizing and citing the work of others. The summary assignment is designed to introduce you to these scholarly practices. Students will write an individual summary of the reading for their seminar group presentation. It should demonstrate an ability to understand and summarize the article, as well as, cite using APA referencing. In a summary assignment you do not give your opinion or provide a critique of the author’s work. It is due the day of your seminar presentation. Your article review should be no more than 3 pages, double spaced. It should have the following characteristics:

Proper Citation: The summary should begin by citing the article using APA style. You are not required to do a bibliography. You can find a web link...
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