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Topics: English language, Research, Original research Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: December 4, 2012
English 2100/Section GRTD
Instructor: Rasheed Hinds
Paper #3 – Business Letter, Abstract, Prospectus and Annotated Bibliography


1 page business cover letter
1 abstract
2-3 page prospectus (summary)
1 annotated bibliography
Double spaced
12pt font/Times New Roman
Title (centered)
Page numbers

Business Letter

Using proper business letter format, please draft a cover letter as an introduction to your research paper. This letter should be addressed to a potential investor, employer, education board etc. (be creative). You must introduce yourself, explain your background and interest in the field and pitch your business idea (yes, you can make this part up). You must research the proper format for a business letter. You will be graded on your attention to detail. While I want you to follow the format, you do not have to put your real contact information on the letter).

Abstract/Oral Presentation

Please write a 100-250 word abstract to be read aloud in class on the first day of the workshop. You should think of it as your introduction and conclusion merged in one paragraph. You should start off with a general, intriguing question that relates to your topic. Then, you must be sure to state your thesis and mention the sources that are most important to your research. Lastly, briefly explain why you think your research is important and mention who will benefit from your research. For extra credit, you can mention your business idea and why you think your research project and your business idea/proposal would be lucrative and successful.


Please compose a 2-3 page summary of your research project. This is basically an expansion of your abstract. In addition to stating your thesis and mentioning the sources that are important to your research, you must explain you methodology (plan of attack).

Annotated Bibliography

Please submit an annotated bibliography listing 7-10 sources. The document must be...
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