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Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Business ethics, Social responsibility Pages: 29 (8802 words) Published: April 5, 2013
University of Dhaka

EMBA program
Department of Marketing

Introduction to Business (MKT-510)
Term Paper on

Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh

Submitted to:
Dr. Anisur Rahman

Submitted By:
Raiyan Rahman
23rd batch

Date of Submission: April 05, 2013

March 05, 2013

Dr. Anisur Rahman
Department of Marketing
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka.

Dear Madam,

Subject: Submission of Term Paper on “Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh”.

With reference to the above, I would like to inform you that I have completed my term paper on the topic “Corporate Social Responsibility in Bangladesh”. It is immense pleasure for me to place the same before you.

I made every endeavor to prepare this paper and tried my level best to accumulate relevant and intuitive information.

It is a great experience for me to work with this topic. I have tried to make the report vivid and comprehensive within the limited resources. Thanking you

Sincerely yours,

(Raiyan Rahman)


This is a study on today’s one of the most common corporate buzz words, CSR. I worked on this issue to reveal the very basics of that issue along with some interesting relevant points. This includes the history, CSR as a debating issue, practice of CSR in our country. The definition section includes different definitions given from different views by various personnel and organizations.

I have confined this term paper in a certain extent. But still I believe this term paper will provide an initial a brief guideline about Corporate Social Responsibility, which we shortly called CSR.

I wish this report will serve the purpose to understand the core concepts of the today’s essential corporate practice, CSR

Raiyan Rahman

2.Executive Summery6
6.Significance of Corporate Social Responsibility15
7.CSR Implications in Industry16
8.Corporate Social Responsibility: Key Issues and Debates16
9.Realities of CSR in Bangladesh19
10.Future of CSR in Bangladesh20
11.Good Governance and CSR in Bangladesh21
12.Some Example of Performing Corporate Social Responsibility Activities22


1. Acknowledgement

The Almighty is so kind that he gave me the ability to finish the task within the time. First of all I am indebted to our teacher Dr. Anisur Rahman, Course Teacher of ''Introduction to Business”, Department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, who has given me the chance to do work with such an enthusiastic and challenging topic.

Special thanks to him for giving his most valuable speeches and guidelines deliberated at class time. It would have been really impossible for me to complete my report without his guidance.

I am grateful to all my classmates and friends for their inspiration, valuable suggestions and co-operation.


2. Executive Summery

The report titled “Corporate Social Responsibilty in Bangladesh” covers the elementary concepts of Corporate Social Resposibility. It begins from Introduction and ends till Recommendation through some of its real life applications. The definations part is enriched with different definations which will make the readers’ concept clearer than before on this topic. There is a visiual display of the defination as well to make it better understand. In the later parts I also discussed about what CSR is implicating in business activites along with CSR as a community develpoment. After that I discussed about the arguments those are occuring with CSR. Because CSR has both positive approach and also negative approach. Currently what is the real scenario of CSR in Bangladesh also what will be the future prospect those are also disussed in details.

3. Abstract

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