Csr in Banking Sector of Bd

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Social responsibility, Business ethics Pages: 52 (16763 words) Published: June 9, 2011
1.1 Origin of the StudyPage

The report entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility in The Banking Sector of Bangladesh” has been prepared as a partial fulfillment of MBA program, of Dhaka University.After completing my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) as a student of Dhaka University, I wanted to submit this project paper.

1.2 Significance of the Study

The ‘social contract’ between the corporation and the community is of critical importance. The motivations for these contracts are continuously being revisited to understand how CSR programs can nurture and contribute to the growth of firms. While CSR issues are attracting a great deal of attention in the developed world, there is a need for more research into CSR in the developing world. This paper considers the CSR practices of a small sample of banks in Bangladesh to better understand this situation.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The main objective of this study is to identify the nature of CSR practices in the banking sector of Bangladesh. General Objective: The general objective of this study is to evaluate the social responsibility in overall banking sector of Bangladesh. Specific Objectives: The specific objectives of this study are: 1. To identify the attitude & responsibility towards the society of various banks in Bangladesh. 2. To highlight the social responsibility of banking sector in Bangladesh.

1.4 Methodology

Sources of Data
Primary and secondary data collected for intern report.
1. Primary Sources
Primary data collected by interviewing employees and staffs of these three Banks. It is also collected Primary data by face to face conversation with the officers of some other Banks. 2. Secondary Sources

Secondary data collected for research paper. It is collected secondary data for my research paper from: Annual reports of these three banks
Journals of the Bank
Different books, training papers, articles, manuals etc. related to the topic. Website of the Bank

1.5 Limitations

The study is conducted with an objective to make a thorough study of CSR activities I have availed many facilities and faced some obstacles during my study. These obstacles may be termed as the study. These limitations are as follows 1. Deficiencies in data required for the study.

2. Field practice varies with the standard practice that also created problem. 3. Time provided for conducting the study is another important constraint. 4. Management Information Systems are a very wide spectrum.

5. To collect information I faced difficulty because of the excessive nature of confidentiality maintained by the officials of Banks. 6. Available data also could not be verified. In most cases I simply did not have any option but to furnish with data without verification. 7. It requires lot of assistance from all level officers and staff but as a bank the officer was busy in doing their jobs. 8. The study was limited by the availability of the data.

2.1 Introduction
Business houses, right from the inception of human race, have been regarded as constructive partners in the communities in which they operate. Though they have been instrumental in creating employment, wealth, products and services, yet the pressure on business to play a role in social issues involving employees, stakeholders, society, environment, government etc. is continuously increasing. The society is questioning the existence of business houses, especially in the wake of the scandals and scams conducted by the business houses like UTI, Enron, and WorldCom. In response to it, the organizations around the globe are forced to wake up to the need for being committed towards Corporate Social Responsibility. Over the years this concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained unprecedent momentum in business and public debate and has become a strategic issue crossing the departmental boundaries, and affecting the way in which a company does business. It has...
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