Corporate Social Responsibility of Bata Bangladesh

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1.0 Objective of the Study

The objective of this assignment is to finding out Corporate Social Responsibility of Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.

1. Methodology

The methodology of this report includes the evaluation of the followings:

⇨ Analyze the Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.
⇨ Finding out the goal of Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. ⇨ Finding out the Vision of Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. ⇨ Analyze the operation of Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. ⇨ Finding out the Role of Bata in Developing the Leather Industry in Bangladesh. ⇨ Analyze and finding out the Corporate Social Responsibility of Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.

2. Source of Information

To meet the objective or goal of this report, collection of relevant, accurate, standardized and needful information was required. In bringing this report to existence we have collected data from both primary and secondary sources. Special consideration was given so that chances of biasness could not arise. The sources that we used:

← Primary Sources:

Primary data is defined as data which originates as a result of the particular investigation. We visit Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd to collect our raw data. And we used various primary data in this particular assignment or study.

← Secondary Sources:

Secondary sources refer to the use and further analysis of data collected for analytical purpose. As secondary source of information we observed many documents developed within the organizations, other published articles in newspapers, books, magazines, various websites and some guidelines of experienced persons. So many secondary source of information involved on our study or assignment.

3. Limitations

There are very few amounts of information relating to the topic of this study that are presents in the internet, books, news papers, magazines and various other sources. It is not possible to gain and access all existing information. So missing out some important aspect of the discussed topics can be a possibility. There is a major time constraint in doing this work and preparing the report. And through other various limitations we have worked.

2.0 Company Profile

Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.
The Bata Shoe Organization was founded in 1894 by Czech businessman Tomas Bata in the city of Zlin, what was then Czechoslovakia. Coming from a family of shoemakers with a long heritage of eight generations and over three hundred years, Tomas Bata capitalized on knowledge, expertise and skills to propel his newly founded company forward. The introduction of factory automation, long distance retailing and modernized shoe making ensured the profitability of the company from the very beginning. It is now the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of footwear operating across the globe. Today the Bata Shoe Organization is a sprawling geo-centric company encompassing operations in more than 70 countries around the world and is managed by 4 regional commercial business units (CBUs) across five continents. It serves 1 million customers per day, employs more than 50,000 people, operates 5,000 retail outlets, manages a retail presence in over 70 countries and runs 27 production facilities across 20 countries. In Bangladesh, Bata started its operation in 1962. The company is one of the largest tax–paying corporate bodies contributing Tk. 1.2 billion (year 2009) which represents approximately 70% of tax paid by the entire footwear sector of Bangladesh. Currently Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited operates two manufacturing facilities – one in Tongi and the other in Dhamrai. With a production capacity of 110,000 pairs of shoes daily, the company also has a modern tannery facility with an output of 5 million square feet of leather annually. Annual shoe sales currently stands at slightly more than 30 million pairs with a turnover for the year 2009 of Tk 5 billion. 2.1 Goal of Bata...
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