Csr and Disaster Management

Topics: Nigeria, Local Government Areas of Nigeria, Niger Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: February 4, 2013
The role of Corporate organization in the development and success of the government of any country cannot be under played, ranging from economic turn over to influence in policies making and implementation and more relevant to this topic its role in coming to the aid of the government in times of crisis and disasters. The Bali Roundtable on developing countries in 2002 recognized the business sector as a primary driver of economic development and the World Summit for Sustainability identified business involvement as critical in alleviating poverty and achieving sustainable development (www.un.org). This perceived pervasiveness of corporate organizations especially the large ones in the society makes the subject of corporate social responsibility a subject that is pertinent not only to the corporate bodies but to the nation at large. Corporate Social responsibility is usually defined as “a concept whereby companies integrate Social and Environmental concerns in their business opearations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis” ( European Commission 2001:8).

European Foundation for Quality Management defines CSR as follows, “CSR refers to a whole range of fundamentals that organisations are expected to acknowledge and to reflect in their actions. It includes – among other things- respecting human rights, fair treatment of the workforce, customers and suppliers, being good corporate citizens of the communities in which they operate and conservation of the natural environment. These fundamentals are seen as not only morally and ethically desirable ends in themselves and as part of the organisation´s philosophy, but also as key drivers in ensuring that society will allow the organisation to survive in the long term, as society benefits from the organisation´s activities and behaviour” (The EFQM Framework for Social Responsibility, 2004).

Again, it may also be simply defined as is the continuing commitment by business to behave...
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