Critical Analysis: Implementation of Csr and Good Governance

Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Governance Pages: 3 (919 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Implementation of CSR and Good Governance

A Critical Analysis

Practice of socially responsible actions is an indicator of good governance. Governance is about the relationships among shareholders, and in between management and equity holders. Theoretically speaking, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about the corporation’s relationships with the rest of the world, including its employees and the society within which it operates.

The implementation of corporate social responsibility and good governance are being executed by various organizations through different programs. Each of which establishments has their own purposes and goals, certain priorities and scopes. Either way, its aim in general is to improve not only the external stability but their internal strength as well.

There are programs aimed at promoting social responsibility and labor compliance, while there are existing courses existing to enhance the workplace productivity and competitiveness of the entity. Consequently, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) implements curriculums that ensure increase in economic development, social and political adherence for the country.

Through an initiative launched, entitled Global Compact intended to encourage corporations to get involve and practice corporate social responsibility, the Philippines being inactive for 3 years has started making commitments with the society, with the supervision of PCCI.

These social accountability and labor compliance programs provide internationally accepted principles on condition of work, respect for human rights and the protection of environment, as well as anti-corruption principle.

Under the mentioned program is the business initiative to address human trafficking issues. The said matter is apparently an issue on labor rights and criminal act that could cause fatality to the economy. Therefore, the act of spreading knowledge about the issue as well as...
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