Crust's Success

Topics: Marketing, Fast food, Pizza Hut Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Crusts success:
Crusts success was reached through many elements, these included the appropriate use of market segmentation, targeting and positioning as well as the implementation of appropriate marketing mix tools. Crust went by a strong mission statement which would have been: to give customers the experience of gourmet quality- restaurant food with fast food style convenience. This lead to strong objectives and a thorough understanding of what crust was all about. Costa (owner and founder of crust) understood that in targeting a younger and trendier market that they would be prepared to pay premium for the product. Crust was carefully positioned in Annandale which was well researched and understood to have met crusts demographic demands. (kotler,et al. 2012). The marketing tool 'people' was utilized appropriately as Crust strongly encouraged employees to have conversations and be as engaging as possible with the customers. This built great customer relationships and left customers with a positive experience, resulting in return business. Whilst the customers were being engaged they were also involved in the pizza making 'process' as their food is prepared directly in front of them. This gives customers the feeling of being involved in the production of the product as well as the perception that the food is truly gourmet as they are seeing all the ingredients that go into their pizza. The product itself was carefully engineered for the purpose of home delivery whilst maintaining gourmet quality, this in addition to the variety of unique pizza flavours such as ‘Peking duck’ which set crust apart from company's such as ‘Domino's’ and ‘Pizza hut’. In store -development and staff recruitment were crusts differentiation tools. This objective led to crusts trendy and modern look and design setting it apart from other fast-food outlets. The in store layout also contributed to the perception that crust was always busy and overflowing by placing the counter...
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