Cruise Management

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Cruise Industry

Chantal Maas

Mr. A. de Groot
Year 2010/2011, module 1 and 2

Declaration of own work

1. This work is composed by me.

2. This work has not been accepted in any previous application for a degree or diploma, by me or anyone else.

3. The work of which this is a record is done wholly by me.

4. All verbatim extracts have been distinguished by quotation marks and the sources of my information have been specifically acknowledged.

Leeuwarden, 31-10-2010

Chantal Maas 84298

Table of content
Table of content3

1.The introduction4
1.1.1 Problem statement4
1.1.2 research questions4
1.1.3 Objectives5
1.1.4 limitations and assumptions5
1.2 Term list7

2.Literature review8
2.1.1 literature8
2.1.2 Disscusion points11
2.1 Conceptual framework13
2.2 Literature list14

3.1 The design phase16
3.1.1 Methods of data collection17
3.1.2 Field procedures18
3.2 Data analysis - approach18

4.Time framework20

Appendix 1.Interview questions21

The introduction
“The exceptional value of cruising with meals, accommodation, entertainment, and of course multiple destinations included within the price means that cruise holidays have enjoyed a boom over the past two years” according to Flo Powell, from the Association of Cruise Experts (ACE). (, retrieved 18-09-2010) 1.1.1 Problem statement

Cruise industry, is a large and upcoming and more used industry. Therefore it is of importance to study this field, to see where they can improve and how they can improve. According to the statement above, as mentioned by Flo Powell, the total package is the reason for booking a cruise. Many persons book cruises for their broad offer in shore excursion. The focus in this text is on the multiple destinations and the shore excursions offered. Multiple destinations is a large study field, therefore the problem that will be researched is: - The possibilities for new shore excursion in the Western Caribbean. 1.1.2 research questions

The Caribbean is a well-known destination to the once travelling on a cruise and would like to be visit be many passengers whom have not yet been on a cruise or whom have not yet been to the Caribbean. In order to decide the new possibilities, one must first research the offers of various cruise lines, concerning shore excursions in the Western Caribbean. To answer the overall question, the questions underneath must help to determine what the possibilities are: * What is the current offer of shore excursion in the Western Caribbean? * How do cruise lines come to their offer of shore excursions? * Is the current offer, that what guests expected?

* Is the cruise industry following the same concept throughout the years when creating new shore excursions? * Are there cruise lines that deal differently with their offers for shore excursions? * How is that successful?

* When looking to developing shore excursions, are those offers arising as a habit, after research or from profit perspective? * What kind of shore excursions would guests like to visit? * To what extent can cruise lines make use of guests ideas concerning shore excursions? * What must be considered if shore excursions are offered? * What is needed to create new shore excursions?

Financial figures of the cruise lines will not be used in order to get to these answer. Many books will be studied as well as regulations regarding the law and policies for starting up new excursions within the west-Caribbean. During this research, the researcher will also try to make use of the information of travel agents offering cruises in the Western Caribbean to discover their offers and to find out what new possibilities could be offered. And how this could be published. 1.1.3...
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