Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision

Topics: Critical thinking, Human sexual behavior, Psychology Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Week 1: CheckPoint: Critical Thinking and Sexual Decision

I try to maintain the view of a skeptic as a constant guard against making poor decisions about sexual activity. I consider this a critical thinking tool that allows me to better analyze the situation from both side of the issue. What will happen if I do this? What will happen if I don't do that? I also try to hold my own center without letting any ones else's views sway my opinion. In out society, peer pressure is always a strong factor in making sexual decisions. It is important to learn how to ignore peer pressure when making decision that are crucial to a decision that involves sexual activity. Getting a sexually transmitted disease is a critical aspect of that decision and having a baby is another one. Asking whether I am putting myself at risk for one of those thing happening is something to consider when making those type of decision. Can I this person be HIV positive? These can be life threatening decision that must and have to be made. The critical thinking process is very appropriate for both male and female when considering sexual decision.

Most young people are very impulsive when it comes to making sexual decision. They are inclined to act on the spur of the moment without even thinking about what there impulsive behavior can lead to in the long run. They do not apply critical thinking to this emotionally charged situation. I would not engage in sex with someone who I did not know or someone who I was not familiar with on a long term basis. I want my partner to be a bit more on the superficial level. I want to have awareness of their health status and to make sure that they are stable prior to taking those steps.
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