Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity

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Personal Response on Sexuality Identity
Our sexual identity starts at birth and evolves as we continue to age. Several factors can influence an individual’s sexual identity. Like several things in one’s life, sexual identity develops as we go through different stages of life. The things that could influence the development of our sexual identity are environmental factors, value systems, gender identity, relationships, and love.

Sexual Decision Making

The critical thinking process for making sexual decision is extremely important. The statement that knowledge is power could not be truer. I believe with this statement and the strong value system that I have developed I am capable of making responsible decisions regarding sex. My critical thinking skill automatically kicks in before I make any sexual decision. I believe these skills started in my teen years and even though I did not always use them, I was able to begin the process. However, I can say that as a teen I leaned more toward the hedonist set of values when it came to sexual decision making. I was not as knowledgeable as I am now, and this made me more foolish in my decisions. Today, I do not associate with hedonism or asceticism at all. Heat of the moment can cloud one’s judgment. One small part of my life is religion, and I do not base my sexual decisions upon my religious beliefs.

I have learned some new thing about my sexual decision making process after taking this class. Like, I am a rationalist when it comes to my value system. I tend to analyze every situations from every angle before making a decision, and I also use situation ethics, which means my value system is mixed. In the critical thinking process, I would say that I am skeptic. I do not base my opinions on the social norms or on the opinions of others. While in this class I have taken some time to figure out what set of values define me on...
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