Critical Thinking and Decision-Making

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  • Published : August 3, 2009
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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Critical thinking means correct thinking in the pursuit of relevant and reliable knowledge about the world. A person who thinks critically can ask appropriate questions, gather relevant information, efficiently and creatively sort through this information, reason logically from this information, and come to reliable and trustworthy conclusions about the world that enable one to live and act successfully in it. Critical thinking enables an individual to be a responsible citizen who contributes to society, and not be merely a consumer of society's distractions (Schafersman, 1991).

My decision to pursue a Masters degree in psychology is based on being able to help individuals or families struggling with social problems so often encountered in today's world, such as family strife, poverty, unemployment, disability, violence, substance abuse, or illness. Ginsburg (2001) stated, “Social workers are often the professionals in the front lines of those fighting to improve the lives of others”.

Deciding to return to school seemed like the most obvious answer to increase my knowledge in the psychology field as well as an opportunity to secure financial security in a versatility of employment. In pursuing this decision I incorporated the need for financial stability for my family. This program also allows me to work on my education while being in the home with my children. Without knowledge, there would be nothing. The most important aspect of knowledge is learning to deal with others unlike myself. It gives me the ability to adapt to any situation thereby finding success in any circumstance.

As a single parent and a full-time employee, the flexibility of such a degree program allows me to adjust the academic flow, so as to increase or decrease any schedule as my circumstance changes. Pursing a psychology degree will enhance my ability to further my success in analyzing my targeted group. I also find a great success in...
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