Sex and Marriage

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  • Published : May 1, 2008
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Marriage has been one of the most fundamental principals of human society since the beginning of time. Traditionally understood marriage is restricted to two people, particularly a women and a man. Since the nature of marriage is changing with modern times and people are marrying for love not just social needs should the notion that is reviewed by society and this long- confirmed definition be reconfigured and opened in order to make same-sex marriage suitable in society or refuse same-sex marriage? More than half of all people in the United States oppose gay marriage, even though three fourths are otherwise supportive of gay rights. This means that many of the same people who are even passionately in favor of gay rights oppose gays on this one issue (Bidstrup). Many moral controversies revolve around gay marriage such as, marriage is an institution between one man and one woman and gay relationships are immoral. John Corvino rejects the view that homosexuality is immoral in his article, “Why Shouldn’t Tommy and Jim Have Sex? A Defense of Homosexuality.” He responds to two arguments against homosexual sex, that it is unnatural and harmful. Unnatural refers to that which deviates from the norm, from what most people do. Corvino distinguishes various senses of “unnatural” and his overall conclusion in this regard is that homosexual sex is not unnatural in any morally relevant sense. He defends the practice of homosexuality against the charge that is harmful. He takes issue both with the claim that the practice of homosexuality is harmful to those who engage in it and with the claim that others are threatened by it (Mappes). Many people believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman because that is the view installed throughout the Bible. One major notion commonly heard is, God made Adam and Even and that is what binds marriage and morality. Many believe same-sex marriage is immoral but who is permitted to determine the morality of...
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