Critical Pedagogy

Topics: Sociology, Critical pedagogy, Critical theory Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: February 10, 2013
1. Critical Pedagogy Kurt Love, Ph.D. Central Connecticut State University 2. Critical Pedagogy • Major Focus: Understanding and disrupting power imbalances that are present in educational settings especially connected to issues of race and class • Etymology: Critical Social Theory, Frankfurt School of Thought, Michel Foucault, Marxism, Critical Race Theory • Major Contributors: W.E.B. DuBois, Carter Woodson, Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Henry Giroux, Joe Kincheloe, Peter McLaren, Antonia Darder 3. Major Critical Critiques of Education Critical Theory ? Power is concentrated in the production of knowledge ? Content areas seen as disconnected from power and as a result are viewed as neutral. ? Subject areas perpetuate hegemony of socioeconomic classes and race 4. 3 Types of Curricula • Mainstream Curriculum - Curriculum that is explicit • Hidden Curriculum - Messages that are implicit • Null Curriculum - Messages that are silenced, omitted, or just simply not included. These also are critical views of the mainstream and hidden curricula 5. 3 Types of Curricula • Mainstream Curriculum - Columbus was a strong, brave “explorer” that opened the doors for European colonization of the Americas. • Hidden Curriculum - Europeans are more advanced and sophisticated than the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Eurocentrism, patriarchy, technology over nature. • Null Curriculum - Columbus violently exploited and dominated the indigenous peoples of the Americas, which was part of a larger European mindset that allowed for genocide, enslavement, assimilation, colonization and in contemporary settings, globalization (or global Westernization). 6. Hidden Curriculum in a Teacher’s Practice Heterosexism Sexism Naturism Anthropocentrism Corporatism Eurocentrism Classism Patriotism/ Racism Militarism Teaching Practice 7. Hidden Curriculum in a Teacher’s Practice What did did you learnschool today, dear little boyboy mine? What you learn in in school today, dear...
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