Critical Issues in Policing

Topics: Police, Law enforcement agency, Police brutality Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Critical Issues in Policing
Lisa Harbin

Timothy Murphy

Critical Issues in Policing
There are several critical issues in policing. The main critical issues of policing are: use of deadly force, police deviance, police prejudice and discrimination, violence, substance abuse, and police brutality as well as other police misconduct. Not only do law enforcement agencies have to deal with critical issues within their agencies, they also have to deal with critical issues that pertain to the public. Officers put their lives at risk every day. When they put on their uniforms and go out into the field they are faced with danger and they have to be prepared to handle the situations they come face to face with. “When you are in a position to protect the people and the community your job generally will come with a large amount of risks” ( There are many dangers associated with policing. The policing agencies deal with several different people on a daily basis, some of which cause a lot of problems for them. The main dangers that police officers face is getting shot. Police officers are exposed to the danger of getting shot while they are patrolling, making traffic stops, making arrests, during vehicle pursuits, and while responding to calls. Another danger that police are exposed to is extreme temperatures. “Police are exposed to extreme temperatures for extended periods of time” ( They have to deal with heat and freezing weather. The police organizations address these dangers and other dangers by dressing according to the weather, wearing vests and other protective gear, and relying on their training. Not only are they faced with dangers every day, but they have to learn how to use new technology quite often. There are many forms of technology used in policing. Some examples of technology used in policing are: the fingerprinting system, radio and telephone, Imaging, Biometrics, expert systems, mobile data...
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