Public Criticism of Police Shootings

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Public Criticism of Police Shootings
    The nature of police work can be one of stress and long, hard working hours in which police officers deal with many types of situations that endanger themselves and their fellow officers. The fact that many people do not trust, appreciate, or support the police department is a terrible result of the public being taught to hate them. They do not like the police presence and the authority that the police have over them. Once a police officer shoots a suspect who more than likely deserved it due to the intent of harming or killing a civilian or a fellow officer, the public outcry is that the police are killers and that they will shoot anyone they come into contact with. Although we hear about police shootings in the news that grip our attention, we must put ourselves in the shoes of a police officer as we consider the training her or she has received and realize how the levels of stress and quick decision making to stay alive can result in a police shooting.  

                                                                                                                        McCarthy 2.  Most police shootings make the front page of the paper or the night time news. Every time the police use their weapons it is highly covered by the press because they know it will gain a ton of public attention. Certain police shootings receive so much coverage that the officers are put under investigation and sent to trial in order to uncover all the facts of the case. One case in particular is the Sean Bell case. This case was a highly controversial case because of race, motive, and unknown facts that needed to be brought to light. In this case, undercover police officer Gescard Isnora followed soon to be married Sean Bell out of a club in queens because he thought he heard one of the suspects say that they were going to go get a gun out of their car. An unmarked police van followed along with detective Isnora who drew his weapon...
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