Police Ethics

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Police Ethics and Deviance

Police officers are presented to the community as a support system. Society is given a conception that the police are to protect and to serve the community. However when ethical standards are breached and deviant behaviors prevail in policing society is affected and intimidated.


Ethics are values and a system by which acts are judged. Many ethical behaviors are learned in childhood, family, educational, and community experience. All levels and industries are expected to adhere to business ethics, however in the police field ethics are taken to another level.

Ethical Standards in policing

The ethical standard of a police officer is severe because they have taken a sworn oath to protect and to serve, up hold the law and the United States Constitution. However, police are routinely involved in matters which force them to deviate from the norm behaviors. Therefore in a sense because of the privileges that are afforded police officers and law enforcement while pursing certain types of criminals is allowed.

For example when police officers go undercover and take on false identities to catch the criminal, they often induce crime. In hostage situations false promises are made to kidnappers to obtain the freedom of the hostages, and even though police who fight the drug war encounter large amounts of cash, some is accounted for and some of it is not, however it is more than the gross national product of some small countries. (O’Connor. 2005). The outcome is how police officers and law enforcement are actually using or abusing the power and authority by compromising ethics and principles.

Deviant behavior effects

Deviant behavior affects society in many ways. Most American children have been brought up to believe that the police are their friend and will protect them. This is also true as these same children grow to adulthood. Therefore when police officers pull over or detain...
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