Critical Analysis of Two Designers

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  • Published : May 25, 2013
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Graphic design is an area that has grown and is still advancing to greater heights. Diverse aspects and skills have been developed in the industry over the years which have facilitated designer specialization in various fields in graphic design, such fields like brand identity. With so many brand designers out there in the design world, there tend to be quite a focus put on those whose works leave a long lasting impression in the public’s mind. Ken Cato and Jacob Cass are amongst one of the recognised designers in the industry. Both specialising in corporate brand management and known for their unique approaches, this forms the basis of comparison for the report.

Australian designer Ken Cato has gained notoriety as a leading figure on the visual communication scene today. Founder of Cato Purnell Partners, the largest design company in the southern hemisphere, Cato has built an international reputation as a talented graphic designer over a 40 year career. He is capable of effectively articulating a concept or brand through visuals, objects, interiors and landscapes, has always loved drawing and making things as a child and til this day still carries a pencil and pad everywhere he goes. His work surrounds all aspects of corporate brand management and design. Widely known for his compellingly open-minded, holistic approach, Cato says "I feed my brain and take inspiration from films, books, poetry, music, whatever ... When I tackle projects, the battle is not the creative thing; the battle is to keep the mind open until you fully understand the exercise. A lot of designers hear the brief and make very quick assumptions. I think the longer you can hold that open, the more chance outside influences and experiences will come into play.'' More attentive to blurring lines than drawing them, Cato is less immersed in affecting a formal terminology and more concerned with the rigour of the ideas it expresses. His distinctive work includes Australian trademarks such as...
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