Criminal Justice

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Project 2

As we discovered in Project 1, Little Louie, Billy Bad Boy committed a string of crimes, initially resulting in an attempt to rob Commercial Corruption, a local bank. The two alleged criminals were apprehended by the police and informed of their rights. Here, I will identify the specific role that each played with the particular crime, the elements that lead to this conclusion, and the potential defenses the defending party might assert and any inconsistencies that might arise with these defenses. First, Billy Bad boy is charged with committing murder in the first degree. Billy is also charged with theft of firearm (stolen). Plus, Billy is charged with occupying a stolen vehicle during the commission of a robbery and speeding. Furthermore, Billy is charged with money laundering. The charges for Billy are valid because he intentionally shot and killed his estranged wife, Glamorous Gloria. Also, the charges of occupying a stolen vehicle are valid, because Billy drove with his friends to rob the bank, drove the getaway car and in the process of getting away, he was speeding, killed a pedestrian crossing the street. Also, the charge of conspiracy to commit robbery (bank) is valid, because Billy and his friends questioned Wanda regarding the layout of the bank, the amount of cash on hand, bank security, and hours of operation. Plus, the charge of manslaughter is valid because the murder of the teller and police officer would not have occurred had Billy and friends attempted to rob the bank. Lastly, the charge of money laundering is valid because he spoke with and made an agreement with Smokey to launder the money for a 3% fee. Here, Billy could argue that while she was estranged from his wife, he shot her; however, did not think he would kill her. Also, Billy may argue as a defense, that he did not intentionally kill the pedestrian and that the pedestrian is more at fault, due to crossing the street, albeit...
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