Criminal Justice

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Unit 8 Essay Prof. Steven Kaufman
Unit 8 Essays
Answer all of the following questions:
1. Identify and describe ways that terrorism has impacted the police mission in the U.S.? * Be sure to provide examples. Describe at least two disagreements that exist regarding the appropriate law enforcement behavior to fight terrorism and maintain personal liberties? I don’t believe that it has impact all police officer in the U.S because what happened in one place don’t mean it has to impact all the U.S there are more fear in some states than others. I will identify and describe terrorism as the fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization. Not all states and cities are the same. I consider that the state of New York did effect on police missions because that’s where the main focus was on terrorism. When it comes in maintain personal liberties, what it comes in my head its September 11 because they are already spawning attacks on the idea of limited government. Back in years, in 1996 State of the Union address President Clinton said that the era of big government is over. One disagreement:

One disagreement that relates regarding the appropriate law behavior to fight terrorism and maintain personal liberties is

Two disagreement:

2. What role does social stigma play in police ethics?
* Describe this role. Give specific examples from your reading, or your experiences, where social stigma played a role in furthering police corruption and when it played a role in reducing it. Depending on a country's foreign policies including countries they are possibly at war with, or have immigration issues, the social stigma attached to certain ethnicities or creeds can have a great effect on the public. This attitude from the general public, or rather, sections of the public prejudice against other sections can directly influence law enforcement. Playing a role in furthering police corruption When played a role in reducing ?

2. Are the ethical...
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