Credit Appraisal System

Tags: Credit risk, Asset liability management, Collateral (finance)


1. Statement of the problem
The study relates to analysis of credit appraisal system with reference to Axis Bank. Axis banks one of private sector banks in India, which provides loans and advances when it is required by individuals or companies and accepts the deposits from the public. while providing loans advances to the public it faces number of problems like : * Of interest loans

* Default interest security inadequate

* To study the credit appraisal methods.
* To study existing credit appraisal system .
* To understand the commercial, financial & technical viability of the proposal proposed and it’s finding pattern.

Scope of the study:
The topic selected is credit appraisal system with respect to banking industry which means how the managers in banks appraise the corporate firms lending process and how the whole process carried forward like a system keeping certain aspects like risk, legal into concern. The scope lays in way a bank finances its potential borrowers which is tailor made at time to meet the client need and help with all the services the bank can deliver in order to meet its persons goals and objectives

Methodology :
Souces of data collection ;
The data is most vital and in tegral aspect which is responsible for the completion of any project. The data can be gained and derived from two methods that is : * Primary data
* Secondary data
Primary data collection:
The data is been collected through primary sources like personal observationin to banking system and also interviewing with the guide and other managers an other managers an also through some personnel guidance of employees working in organization Secondary data collection :

Internal sources
Internal sources include accounting records, sale force reports , miscellaneous reports, balance sheet and annual reports External sources
External sources do not originate from sources...
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