Camel Model

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USAID-Funded Economic Governance II Project

Presented To: CBI Bank Supervision Examiners Date:2006-10-29 1

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Learning objectives
Review the key components of CAMELS ratings. Understand their meaning and their application to commercial banks. There are six elements: — — — — — —

Capital adequacy Asset quality Management Earnings Liquidity Sensitivity to market



Purpose of CAMELS ratings
The purpose of CAMELS ratings is to determine a bank’s overall condition and to identify its strengths and weaknesses: Financial Operational Managerial


Rating System
Each bank is assigned a uniform composite rating based on six elements. The system provides a general framework for evaluating the banks. It is a standardized method which allows the assessment of the quality of banks according to standard criteria providing a meaningful rating. CBI does not take into consideration the Sensitivity to Market Risks.


Rating Provisions
Each element is assigned a numerical rating based on five key components: 1 2 3 4 5 Strong performance, sound management, no cause for supervisory concern Fundamentally sound, compliance with regulations, stable, limited supervisory needs Weaknesses in one or more components, unsatisfactory practices, weak performance but limited concern for failure Serious financial and managerial deficiencies and unsound practices. Need close supervision and remedial action Extremely unsafe practices and conditions, deficiencies beyond management control. Failure is highly probable and outside financial assistance needed

Based on the ratings of each element, a composite rating of 1 through 5 is assigned to the bank. All the factors reflected in the key components ratings are considered in assigning the composite rating.


Capital Adequacy


Rating factors
Capital is rated based on the following considerations:
Nature and volume of problem assets in relation to total capital and adequacy of LLR and other reserves Balance sheet structure including off balance sheet items, market and concentration risk Nature of business activities and risks to the bank Asset and capital growth experience and prospects Earnings performance and distribution of dividends Capital requirements and compliance with regulatory requirements Access to capital markets and sources of capital Ability of management to deal with above factors


Capital rating 1
Rating “1” is characterized by:
Capital levels and ratios exceed all regulatory requirements Strong earnings performance Well managed and controlled growth Competent management able to analyze the risks associated with the activities in determining appropriate capital levels Reasonable dividends and ability to...
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