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Request for PROPOSAL


Executive Summary
Our company is a medium size cabinetry manufacturing company, looking for software to improve supply chain management system. I was asked to find a RFP that fits in our requirements and situation. After doing some research on the internet, I have an overview of RFP. “A Request for Proposal (RFP) is the primary document that is sent to suppliers that invites them to submit a proposal to provide goods or services. Internally, an RFP can also be referred to as a sourcing project, a document, or an associated event” (Wheaton, 2008). Basic on the requirements provided by the company, three reliable RFP for SCM were found by the research on the internet. The three RFPs are from United Nations Development Programme, Healthcare Supply Chain Network and WinWinD. By analysing the pros and cons of each RFP, Healthcare Supply Chain Network’s RFP was selected. Table of Contents

Executive Summary1
Source & Credibility2
RFP Discussion2
United Nations Development Programme RFP2
Healthcare Supply Chain Network RFP3
WinWinD RFP4
Key Elements’ Competition4
Evaluation and Criteria4
Business Requirements5
Reflect the Real Situation5
Form 18
Form 29
Form 310

Source & Credibility
The three reliable RFP templates have been found thought online research. The information of each website was provides as follows: 1) United Nations Development Programme, an online website providing services to help society, offers a free RFP template of its company. 2) Healthcare Supply Chain Network, a company that specialize in supply chain management for services, provides a free RFP template in both PDF and DOC format. 3) WinWinD LTD, a wind turbine generator manufacturing company, offers a free RFP template that specializing supply chain management for products. RFP Discussion

The three RFP sources: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Healthcare Supply Chain Network (HSCN), and WinWinD will be compared and a best RFP template will be selected. The resources will be evaluated by its pros and cons, table of contents, and whether it fits in our company’s requirements.

United Nations Development Programme RFP
United Nations Development Programme offers a powerful RFP template for company to follow. The online website offers a free RFP template for users to download. Even though this RFP is not the best template of SCM, some of its sections are worthy for us to use as references. The template of United Nations Development Programme:

* Provides business contracts and business forms.
* Creates business forms under law.
* Offers guidelines for proposal preparation.
* Contains clear proposal submission form.
* Offers a cost breakdown form.
* Provides a powerful evaluation system which is worthy for us to us as reference. * Contains a financial of the company.
The issue of United Nations Development Programme’s template: * Poor table of contents
* Messy body paragraph
* Without specifications of common questions
* Defines as an RFP for SCM of services

Healthcare Supply Chain Network RFP
Healthcare Supply Chain Network is an organization that professions at improving Canadian healthcare supply chain standards. The company has many programs that allow other companies to improve their supply chain standards. On its official website, there are two different types of format allow users to download for free. Users can choose either PDF or DOT format. The advantages of Healthcare Supply Chain Network’s template are: * Detailed Business Requirements

* Business contracts and business forms
* Cleared definition of each term in the RFP
* Well-formed RFP timetable (Deadline for submission of proposals) * receive suggestions and reviews from proponents
* Strict...
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