Topics: Finance, Public company, Privately held company Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: March 13, 2013
The purpose of the coursework is to give you experience writing a business report, analysing financial information, and enhancing your research skills through using different resources and information. These skills will help consolidate your knowledge of business finance, as well as enhancing your personal development – invaluable for the future workplace or postgraduate studies. PLAGIARISM

You are reminded that plagiarism (seeking to pass off the work of others as your own) is a serious disciplinary matter. You must be sure to reference all material obtained from all sources and must not copy material from other students. This is individual coursework, and to avoid any risk of collusion, you should aim to choose a different company to analyse than your friends and close peers. For further details of the regulations see the BSD1000 module on Academic Misconduct, or if you are still in doubt consult your lecturer/tutor. REQUIREMENT

You are an analyst working for Devon Fund Managers (DFM). Your job is to produce regular report s on certain publicly listed companies, providing recommendations to clients as to whether they should invest in those companies. Recommendations are usually in the form ‘buy’, ‘sell’ or ‘hold’. Your task is to select a publicly listed company in an industry of your choosing, and produce a report for ‘Mr D. G. Farmer’ on the industry, and more specifically the company’s performance. At a minimum, the report should address the following: Analysis of the IndustryWhat are the industry characteristics? Who are the main competitors? What are the industry averages? Summary of the CompanyWhat areas are they involved in? What is their market share? Have they had any recent announcements, or press articles? What is their future strategy?

Company Financial Analysis year on yearYou should provide a financial analysis for 3 years, at the very least commenting on the company’s profitability, liquidity and...
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