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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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LEGT 1710 BUSINESS AND THE LAW ASSIGNMENT 1: Preliminary Research Task Semester 2, 2012 DUE DATE: Week 5 (week commencing Monday 13 August 2012) To be handed to your tutor in your week 5 tutorial class Word limit: maximum 1000 words This is assignment is worth 15 marks TASKS: 1. FIND the following case: Novakovic v Stekovic [20120] NSWCA 54 Area of Law: Tort Law (Duty of Care/Negligence) 2. (a) Please provide a response for each of the following. Case reference: (1 mark) • What is the full case citation?

(b) The parties: (1 mark) • • • (c) What are the names of the parties? Who is the ‘appellant’? Who is the ‘respondent’? Please explain why the parties are not referred to as the ‘plaintiff’ and the ‘defendant’?

The court: (1 mark) • • What is the name of the court? In which jurisdiction does this court operate?

(d) The case: (12 marks) • What happened in this case? (1 mark) Summarise the facts. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO SIMPLY RE-WRITE OR RE-STATE THE FACTS. What is required is a BRIEF summary, in your own words. What was the decision in the case? (1 mark) Identify and explain the main legal issue or issues of the case in your own words. (10 marks) NOTE: this part of the question will require students to do some reading and to conduct some independent research beyond the case and beyond the prescribed textbook. Please see the attached Guidelines for this Assignment, as well as the Research Guidance Notes for Assignment 1 on Blackboard to help you with your research.) 3. Please include footnotes AND a bibliography (list of references at the end of your assignment). Please note footnotes and the bibliography will NOT be included in the word limit. NOTE: You should also refer to the Course Outline (section 4) regarding Assessment Format (paragraph 4.3), Assignment Submission Procedure (paragraph 4.4) and penalty for late submission (paragraph 4.5).


1. Research Tools

Before attempting the assignment, it recommended...
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