Sbe 440 Course Project

Topics: Management, McDonald's, Business Pages: 29 (8859 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Business Plan Writing for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Course Project
Business Plan
DeVry University, SBE 440

December 18, 2012

ARS Enterprises, Inc.
1234 Vine St.

Table of Contents
I.Table of Contents3
II.Company Description4
III.Mission Statement4
IV.Industry & Market Analysis5
V.Management Structrue9
VI.Operations Plan13
VII.Cash Flow19
VIII.Exit Strategy21

Company Description
The business that I want to open would be a franchise of a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant that serves a variety of products, but is mostly known for its great hamburgers and fries. McDonald’s is a business that has been around for quite some time now and is widely popular all around the world and especially in the United States I believe that this would be a great opportunity because the area that I plan to open the restaurant in doesn’t have a restaurant that could compete with McDonald’s at this time. This area is my home town of Chillicothe, Ohio, which is a small town, located about an hour south of the state capital of Columbus. The area is large enough to support the business and I believe that if I strike while to iron is hot that I could get ahead of any competition that I would face in the future. Mission Statement

Our mission statement at McDonald's mission is to strive to be the best quick service experience. In order to be the best we will give outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value. This should make every customer smile and at McDonald’s we love to see you smile! Business Goals

Before you start a franchise, it's important to set goals so you can reach your financial and personal dreams. Most McDonald's franchisees enter the McDonald's system by purchasing an existing restaurant, either from McDonald’s or from a McDonald's Owner/Operator. A small number of new operators enter the System by purchasing a new restaurant. In most cases McDonald's provides the land and building to run the McDonald's franchise. The franchisee pays rent to McDonald's for use of the land and building (Business Mart, 2010). My most important goal that I would like to achieve would be to get my franchise up and running. I will need to get a loan so I am able to pay rent for the land. I will also need to start calculating how I will be able to make enough money to pay my rent and also have enough money left over to make a profit. I would like to make enough money within the first five years to pay off my debt to McDonalds as well as still be able to make a good amount of profit. Within ten years, I would like to purchase more stores to expand my franchise. I’m hoping by this time I am able to completely pay off all of my loans so that I am able to pay out of pocket for my new stores. Industry and Market Analysis

The market place (who will buy your product, how large is the market, etc.).This business will have a very large marketplace because of the variety of products that people will buy and also because of the wide range of age ranges that visit the restaurant. Our goal as a company is to gain the interest of children and young adults as we would like to turn them into life-life customers in order to grow our business. McDonald’s is a place that anyone can come to and enjoy a fast and quality meal and we want our restaurant to be a place where everyone wants to eat and where parents want to bring their children. The main focus will be to target anyone who is looking for a quick meal, but we also plan to expand this market by making our restaurant a place where people want to read their morning paper or even conduct a business meeting. Although at first advertising will be limited to small newspaper and radio ads I’m hoping to expand this business throughout my area by sending out postal mail coupons that will give every...
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