Course Outline Marketing Management

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Marketing Management

Instructor: Dr. Ahmed A. Shalaby (

Course Description:

The course deals with the study of the nature and scope of marketing management including the analysis of macro and micro environments; understanding buyer behavior, market segmentation, targeting and positioning; as well as designing the marketing mix based on marketing information and research; and finally the implementation and evaluation of the marketing effort. Throughout the course, the emphasis is on implementation of marketing concepts and tools.

Course Objectives:

After the completion of the course, the student should be able to: •Determine the role of marketing in various organizations. •Analyze the marketing environment to identify opportunities and threats relevant to the design and implementation of the marketing effort. •Analyze the market, design market segments and target those segments which help to achieve corporate objectives and strategies. •Formulate marketing strategies and plans, including market positioning and designing the marketing mix. •Develop implementation plans and evaluation systems for the firm’s marketing effort.

Text Book: Philip Kotler & Kevin Keller, Marketing Management, 12th edition, Prentice Hall, 2005


Team Work: Three Power Point presentations. All team members should be ready to respond to intensive questioning on the topics of the presentations (40%) Attendance and class participation (10%)

Final exam (50%)


First assignment (class # 4)
Demonstrate the following concepts:
a. Mega trends as sources of opportunity / threat and how to deal with both b.Value exploration, creation and delivery processes
c.The role of core competencies in creating and sustaining competitive advantage d.Marketing mix
e.Major interfaces between Marketing, Operations, Finance and Human Resources Second assignment (class # 7)

Demonstrate the...
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