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Executive Summary
Two Wheeled Oracle is a bicycle based courier service in Portland, Oregon, catering to law firms. The Oracle can transport documents as well as small parcels to clients, other law firms, as well as transport and file documents with the clerk of courts. Law firms will be the primary group of customers and the only one targeted, non law firm customers will be served as well, but will not be targeted. The Oracle will offer reliability and industry insight to law firms, enabling it to provide superior service relative to the current service providers. This will allow the company to rapidly gain market share. Profitability will be reached by month nine, and revenue for year three will be very comfortable.

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1.1 Objectives
The objectives for the first three years of operation include: * To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed customer's expectations. * The utilization of The Oracle by at least 30 different law firms. * To increase the number of clients served by 20% per year through superior service. * To develop a profitable start-up business within the first year of operation. 1.2 Mission

Two Wheeled Oracle's mission is to provide law firms with an environmentally friendly, expedient delivery service. We exist to attract and maintain customers.  When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall in to place. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.  Company Summary

The Oracle is a bicycle courier service that serves the downtown law firms of Portland, Oregon. The company offers a document delivery service for law firms; documents can be delivered to other law firms, to clients, or filed with the court. The company can offer a scheduled pick up as well as a spontaneous run. Within nine months the business will be profitable. 2.1 Company Ownership

The company will be an Oregon Corporation, owned entirely by Alwy Laate. 2.2 Start-up Summary
Two Wheeled Oracle will incur the following start-up costs:
* Office furniture including: two desks, two chairs, and two file cabinets. * Two computer systems including a printer, CD-RW, and a broadband Internet connection. * Three phone lines.

* Fax machine and copier.
* Development of a website that allows delivery orders to be placed online and received every five minutes. * Legal fees for the incorporation of the business.
* Brochures.
* Nextel cellular phones to be used for communication between mobile units and the base. Nextel is used because it offers a two-way communication function, similar to a two-way radio, over cellular frequencies, but at a significantly reduced rate compared to standard cellular service. Nine handsets will be needed initially. * Messenger bags with company logo.

Start-up Funding|
Start-up Expenses to Fund| $1,300 |
Start-up Assets to Fund| $108,700 |
Total Funding Required| $110,000 |
Assets | |
Non-cash Assets from Start-up| $7,500 |
Cash Requirements from Start-up| $101,200 |
Additional Cash Raised| $0 |
Cash Balance on Starting Date| $101,200 |
Total Assets| $108,700 |
Liabilities and Capital| |
Liabilities| |
Current Borrowing| $0 |
Long-term Liabilities| $50,000 |
Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills)| $0 |
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free)| $0 |
Total Liabilities| $50,000 |
Capital| |
Planned Investment| |
Alwy| $60,000 |
Investor 2| $0 |
Other| $0 |
Additional Investment Requirement| $0 |
Total Planned Investment| $60,000 |
Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses)| ($1,300)|
Total Capital| $58,700 |
Total Capital and Liabilities| $108,700 |
Total Funding | $110,000 |
Requirements| |
Start-up Expenses| |
Legal| $1,000 |
Stationery etc.| $150...
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