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* The medical home or patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a team based health care delivery model that is led by a physician, P.A., or N.P. that provides continuous and comprehensive medical care to obtain better health outcomes. * Its goal is to increase satisfaction with care, allow better access to health care, and improve health. * Care coordination is an important component to the PCMH, which requires: health information technology, and staff trained to provide coordinated care.


* The idea was created in 1967 when the phrase was mentioned by the American Academy of Pediatrics because they wanted to create a central information source for children, especially those with special needs. * It was envisioned to be a family-centered, comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated car, and in 2002 this definition was put to practice. * In 2002, a few national family medicine groups operationalized a medical home to transform and renew family medicine; it was found that every person should have a medical home for all of their conditions. * It was analyzed that the medical home decreased costs, increased quality, and decreased disparities in health. * The Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home: 1. Personal Physician

2. Physician Directed Medical Practice
3. Whole Person Orientation
4. Care is Coordinated and/or Integrated
5. Quality and Safety
* Patients are to be included in their treatment plan and information technology must be utilized to ensure optimum patient care. * Payment reflects the add value of patients that are treated in a PCMH.


* In 2009, the first accreditation program was created for medical homes, which included an onsite survey and required that they had core standards of ambulatory organizations. * This onsite survey serve to all the professionals to directly observe the service provided. * The...
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