Counselling Level 2 Week 1

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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Learning Review – Week 1

Today has been the first session of the counselling skills group. The day was interesting getting to know the tutor and the other twelve members enrolled on the course. I immediately felt comfortable and as the day progressed, I enjoyed talking and listening to people.

I am especially glad that I have been able to see how this course will compliment my plans to become a primary teacher, with specific examples being used within school settings. This had been playing on my mind prior to the course as to how useful these skills will be, yet during this first session my uncertainty has diminished and I am confident that I will learn skills for my future career and benefit many everyday situations.

We began the day with some group exercises that helped each other to interact and get to know one another better. The focus was on identifying similarities and differences and proved thought provoking, whilst having to communicate within a new group. I enjoy meeting people so I found this a fun exercise.

We were given the CPCAB candidate guide and the course handbook, and discussed any areas that we were unsure of. All the questions were clearly answered and I like the way that on a weekly basis I will add to my portfolio by completing learning reviews. I know I learn well on a continual level and am pleased with how the course is laid out and how the set criteria is identified through clear learning outcomes. It was interesting setting out a group contract and seeing how everyone has similar needs to feel comfortable and safe, with a lot of emphasis being placed upon confidentiality. I am a keen believer in setting boundaries from the beginning of any situation so to avoid misunderstandings or difficulties, so this was reassuring to me. As the day progressed I learnt that two of the group members have connections to where a former partner works, so the confidentiality aspect was on my mind quite a bit, yet setting boundaries...
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