How Do I Make Use of Counselling Skills and Knowledge in Helping Interactions or in Helping Work

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Certificate in counselling skills Weekly learning review

Today’s first part of the lesson was based on Advanced Empathy, we got into pairs then we each briefly described an issue and discuss the action implication of these insights, it was a very interesting thing to discuss. Again I worked with someone that I’ve never worked with before so it gave me a better experience of listening especially to someone that I don’t know and the fact I was trusted by my peer to reveal her issue with such confidence and allow me to give my views and comments. I also felt comfortable enough to discuss my issue and get a different perspective from how I would deal with the situation which again helped me think of different solutions. The second part was working in our triads for the second week, for me the triads are going very well as I like feeling at ease as I don’t like to let people know my issues, problems or circumstances without knowing you for quite a long time and even then I’m always very sceptical, but this time feels different. I’m looking forward to the next sessions.

What did you learn from any of the exercises set?
For example, pair work, skills, group exercises and discussions. Include your thoughts and feelings.
From the exercises I learnt different ways on how to deal with situations in different ways as I’m not very good at confrontation so I tend to leave things rather than question or find out more in depth in order to help us deal with it in the appropriate manner. This tends to cause me a lot of trouble in the long run because by the time, I decide to challenge a situation it has gone too far for me to catch up. I also learnt how badly I want to pass his course and move onto the higher level so I can complete the counselling course and get my qualification, as this is definitely the career for me.

What did you learn from any feedback offered by either your peers or tour tutor? This also...
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