Corporate Entrepreneurship as a tool for organizational growth

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Recently,the topic of corporate entrepreneurship is attracting more the attention of both academic researchers and practitioners for several reasons.Firstly,the absence of consensus among scholars about the definition of the corporate entrepreneurship concept which is related to the various and contradictory definitions of entrepreneurship.Secondly,the different dimensions of entrepreneurial behavior within existing organizations and what scholars really mean when they are talking about it.Thirdly,the blur relationship between the outcomes of corporate entrepreneurship and organizational performance.And finally,how entrepreneurial behavior within existing businesses could lead to organizational growth.As a result,these issues have been and continue to be a subject of duscussions and debates among scholars who remain divided in their conclusions.However,these issues are related to each other due to the fact that clear and explicit conclusions about corporate entrepreneurship and its various dimensions could contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between corporate entrepreneurial behavior and corporate growth. 1.1 Scope and Organization

For the purpose of this review I have selected 11 journal articles and three books. I have divided these articles in relation to two issues: 1.Definitions and dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship.

2.Relationships between corporate entrepreneurship and growth. I have used three articles related to the first issue and six articles related to the second.Five of these articles are published in one of the books which is particularly focused on corporate entrepreneurship and growth.Another four articles which I used were also cited in the same book.In addition,I used another two articles which I found relevant to the issues.From these six articles in which the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship and growth was made,four used quantitative methods and two used qualitative methods.In addition, the research in five of these articles was more focused on large companies and in one of these articles was focused on small firms.

1.2 The purpose of this Literature Review
The purpose of this paper is to give an overview about the different definitions and perceptions of the corporate entrepreneurship concept in the literature and how this has influenced the research on the relationship between corporate entrepreneurial behavior and organizational growth.

2.Definitions of Corporate Entrepreneurship
There is no clear definition of corporate entrepreneurship and many authors have given different explanations of the term.As a result,most definitions contradicted and overlapped between each other.Unfortunately,the existence of various definitions of corporate entrepreneurship is a logical consequence of the lack of unified definitions of entrepreneurship .The need for clearly stated definitions is necessary for scientific understanding, explanation, and prediction (McKelvey, 1982) (cited in Sharma & Chrisman, 1999).”Moreover, clearly stated and agreed-upon definitions makes it easier for researchers to build on each other's work, and for practitioners to decide whether research findings are applicable to their situation” .The main difference between the “conventional” or “independent” entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship is the setting in which these phenomena are taking place .”While the terms "entrepreneurship" or "independent entrepreneurship" are used to describe entrepreneurial efforts of individuals operating outside the context of an existing organization, a variety of terms are used for the entrepreneurial efforts within an existing organization such as corporate entrepreneurship (Burgelman, 1983; Zahra, 1993). corporate venturing (Biggadike. 1979). intrepreneuring (Pinchot. 1985). internal corporate entrepreneurship (Jones & Butler, 1992). intemal entrepreneurship (Schollhammer....
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