Cookie Company Business Plan

Topics: United States, Tariff, Oven Pages: 4 (1535 words) Published: October 25, 2011
The Firebake Cookie Company proposes to introduce a unique new product in the Kansas City area, and this report provides a macro-environmental analysis to predict the cookie’s profitability. The “Firebake Cookie” is a new concept in outdoor cooking marketed towards hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Utilizing political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental analysis (PESTLE), the “Firebake Cookie” concept has potential to be a profitable endeavor. While the current trend for outdoor baking involves either a heavy cast iron Dutch oven or a slow cooking solar oven requiring sunshine, the “Firebake Cookie” is packaged inside a lightweight and disposable oven designed for fireside baking. Shelf stable cookie dough is contained in a thin aluminum box that serves as both the container and the baking oven. The aluminum oven with cookie dough inside is placed near a campfire, allowing the dough to bake into warm and fresh trailside cookies. In order to analyze the profitability of the “Firebake Cookie”, the following is a brief description of the proposed business plan. The manufacturing process will initially require the acquisition of a rentable bakery in Kansas City to produce the cookie dough, and the contracting of a sheet metal shop in China to produce the aluminum ovens. The bakery in Kansas City will employ a total of six people; three to prepare the dough, two to package the dough inside the aluminum oven, and one to deliver the product to local retailers. Initial capital will require $44,000. This breaks down into $10,000 to lease the bakery and purchase ingredients, $10,000 to establish the aluminum box contract with a Chinese manufacturer, $10,000 for employee compensation, $12,000 for a delivery truck, and $2,000 dedicated to marketing the “Firebake Cookie”. Politically, the “Firebake Cookie” concept is supported by a strong national interest in conducting trade with China. China was the...
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