Business Plan

Topics: Liability insurance, Loudoun County, Virginia, Vice President of the United States Pages: 14 (3326 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Executive Summary

Loudoun Lawn and Landscape, LLC is a company created to satisfy needs of consumers in the Loudoun County area. We seek to use our knowledge and experience in the green industry to quickly gain esteem and currency in our respected market place. Our lasting impression on each client will be our customer service. Through follow-up visits, punctuality, fair pricing, and all-around politeness we will earn the trust and respect of the community. Our company provides residential landscaping services as well as commercial maintenance bids done on weekly or monthly bases. We feel starting small yet diverse we can quickly turn profit and work to payout our debts. As we grow we seek to continually provide a better working environment for our employees through benefits and competitive wages. We feel that our employees are the people that will truly turn our operation into a successful venture. Our company is organized through a limited liability corporation. The president owns 60% of all shares, while the vice-president owns the remaining 40%. The president and the vice president will have a great amount of intellectual input into the company, however, when there is a dispute the president will always make the final decision. Organizing through an LLC gives our company a fair amount of liability protection, however, knowing the risks associated with our industry we seek to purchase $2 million in liability insurance. This policy gives us $1 million in liability and an additional $1 million under an umbrella policy. The policy will cost just over $8,000 annually. Realizing that our product is not a new concept we feel it is important to identify and become familiar with our competitors. Knowing who they are we can then begin to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. In Loudoun County we will compete with Trugreen, Scotts Lawncare, Lands End, Davey Tree Company and Lawn Care, and many other similar companies. These businesses present specializations that our company simply does not offer. While we look to expand into these specialized areas currently our company will use sub-contractors. These companies also have years of experience and knowledge about working in the field and the specific market. We feel that their diversity is our opportunity. While they may offer everything from hardscapes to water gardens their possible lack of attention to detail and customer service gives us a window of opportunity. Knowing to whom we are selling is an important part of understanding our customers. For our residential sales we hope to reach out to nearly 80% of the Loudoun County population of whom own their own homes. This percentage is represented by 56,385 homes of which $75,000 or more is made annually. We feel that every one of those homes is in our target market. Our product system is two fold residential design/build and commercial maintenance. For our residential design/build we will utilize our target market and put to use cost-markup pricing scheme. For our residential jobs we are to provide everything from mowing, mulching, weeding, etc. These services will be supplied on a weekly to monthly basis depending on factors such as seasons and customer budgets. For pricing of commercial maintenance we have chose a strategy of single overhead recovery. In this approach we are to add the costs associated to the job and factor in a 25% markup on the direct costs to account for overhead associated with our business. In addition to the overhead and direct cost we will add 10-16% of the direct costs and overhead onto the selling price. This will factor in our profit. Our working area will be made up of the 530 miles2 in Loudoun County. This is a relatively small area to work with and therefore we have an opportunity to expand into other areas such as Prince William County or Fairfax County. We will advertise in this area through Leesburg Today a local publication that reaches nearly...
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