Business Plan

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We sell our product (doormats) in Zanzibar islands while considering the large number of customers who lives and visit at town area. The HPDC is located in the busiest commercial section of Zanzibar with large number of people. We will advertise the market as a place where the customer can get quality and attractive doormats at retail prices. The HPDC has established critical factors that enable to reach on targeted goal. ii.MARKET SEGMENTATION

The HPDC has found a relevant customer. The HPDC currently distributes the product to individuals and expect to offer it to hotels. The price of doormat to individual will be different with that of hotels because we expect that the capacity of hotels on purchasing our product is greater than local customer. And we expect to have 75% hotels customers and 25% of individual customer.

We have competes our goods with other stockholders like urban doormat companies and associations. All of them produce same product as our product at the same area. Our doormats company made the following policy that will be used to compete with other suppliers. •To ensure that delivery of the goods should be in time as our competitor late on it. •To ensure that our customer giving additional sources after purchasing goods. •Advertisement and promotion so as to obtain customers.

To ensure that, innovate our goods according to customer wants so as to satisfy them. •Price of the goods also is relief but it is depending on the quality of the goods. MARKET STRATERGY
These are the policies and rules that we have established to guide the business operation in our company. These policies are ensured that all departments follow in order to meet requirement of the company and our customer. The following are some strategies that used to reach our objectives:- •To ensure that distribution methods of our product are wide. •We must improve customer services regarding...
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