Contract Administration Best Practices

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Contract Administration Best Practices

Diana Thomas

University of Phoenix

Law/531- Business Law

August 23, 2012

Trina Eaddy


This essay will examine how to best prepare a contract administration plan. The contract administration plan will examine different methods used in preparing a plan. This essay will explain how important it is to have technical and other support of personnel, the importance of surveillance, and to determine what functions need to be delegated, identify qualified personnel as well as authorized, it is necessary for the Contracting officer to be represented in administering contract requirements. Also there will be a discussion on what is determined from the contract administration functions and how they will be delegated.

Contract Administration

Contract administration is used to describe the functions performed after the business parties have signed the contract. It refers to those activities that take place after contract award and can encompass a plethora or activities, ranging from routing to unusual. Most contract administration is goal-oriented, aimed at enforcing the contracts terms and conditions while giving attention to the achievement of the stated outcome.

Contract administration is the management of contracts made with partners, employees, customers, and vendors. Generally refers to the management of all actions after the award of a contract. Contracts can be many types from purchasing, sales, trade, partnership, and intellectual property agreements.

The extent and nature of contract administration varies from contract to contract. There are factors that influence the degree of contract administration, the type of contract, which includes the nature of the work, and the experience, and commitment of the personnel involved. Contract administration begins with developing clear, concise performance-based statements of work and...
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