Law 531 Week 2 Threats

Topics: Contract, Breach of contract, Time Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Law 531
Week two

Law 531 Week Two Threats.

The contract is agreement between two parties they find they have some to exchange; the power and commitment between two parties enforcement by the court, The contract have many legal details to be discussed by lawyer or expert. The contract administration, focus on the requirement for the services the company have to get when they sign a contract for new service or to get new products. In field like software consultant it is very complicated and different detailed need to focus on contract to be discussed before to sign any paper. The orientation, communication form and conference can be helpful to create good and detailed contract, all this method help the offeror and offeree to reach good level of understand what is both right they can get from the contract.

What benefits would counsel provide in helping a victim to decide whether to take a settlement offer or pursue litigation?

If the opposing party has Counsel, it is always my suggestion that they too should obtain counsel as the other party would be at an advantage of having legal representation to ensure their best interests are taken care of.  Furthermore, an attorney would be able to assist in ensuring your case is properly filed and to ensure that all deadlines are met.  If an individual does not meet necessary deadlines, their case can be thrown out for good.  An attorney would also be beneficial once a settlement offer is presented as they can assist in negotiating on your behalf.  An attorney would also be beneficial after the settlement has occurred as they may be able to work with any creditors you have to attempt to reduce..

The counsel helping the victim what is the maximum benefit come from his case. He advice the victim if this settlement will be reasonable or he pursues litigation. Counsel give advise for the victim about his right by the law. Without counsel the victim can avoid many benefit about his case the law give the...
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