Contextual Analysis

Topics: Advertising, Billboard, Sex in advertising Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: March 18, 2010
Bri Tipton
Ms. Gilday
ENG 101-052
9 November 2009
Kimball’s Jeweler’s Billboard
Who would not want to be young, rich, and beautiful? This is what one thinks of when he or she sees Kimball’s Jewelers billboard located on Kingston Pike. The billboard is of a young, beautiful model wearing fine jewelry from Kimball’s with a beach scene behind her. The point of any advertisement is to persuade the viewer to buy their product. Kimball’s Jeweler’s uses pathos, tone, color, location, and visual images attractive to the eye on their billboard to try and persuade someone who sees it to come in and buy their jewelry. The billboard has a serious tone. The woman is not smiling; she is just looking from the corner of her eye with seriousness in her face. By using this tone, Kimball’s Jewelers reflects as more elegant and classy. People relate high-class and elegance to be more serious. The brown and neutral colors add to the tone. When a person sees the neutral colors he or she knows that the store is elegant and maybe even more for older people rather than young. When one first looks at the billboard, he or she first looks at the woman because she is the largest portion of the billboard. First, one sees her eyes, which are dark and mysterious. Her stance is more serious because she is leaning to one side and holding the jewelry. The advertiser probably has her holding her jewelry out to make it more obvious of what they are advertising. Then the viewer is likely to look at the large white font reading “Kimball’s Jewelers” knowing exactly who is advertising this jewelry. By making it clear who the advertiser is the viewer is more likely to remember the billboard when seeing the store or another ad of Kimball’s. The point of Kimball’s billboard is for its viewer to want to buy Kimball’s Jewelry. By having a beautiful woman on the billboard, the advertiser is probably trying to communicate that one will look classy and will be sophisticated if he or she...
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