Contemporary Issue of Hr

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Management Pages: 4 (1851 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Human resource management is more important in a changing environment thanbefore. There are some challenges and changes, which have great impacts onorganizations respective to human resource (HR) function behaviors. These impactsknow as globalization, increasing customer’s expectations, transparent market, andhuman resource management (HRM) provides possibilities to make organizations morehealthy and competitive. Where the firm may focus on cost for employee compensationand make conclusions on share services or outsourcings.We can say that, the function of HR units offers and increases some potential of organizations structure and some of human capital, globalizations, increasinginformation technology, enhanced customer expectations and the transparency of global markets that know as a main shift in a developing world. Executive summary:

This report is prepared to find out and analysis the global contemporary challenges of Human Resources Management. How thus challenges affecting the activities of HR andits impact. I tried to find out the best way to face thus challenges by HR. Objectives:

After reading this lesson, one will be able to accomplish the following:1.Describe how changes in the global business environment affect HRM.2.Summarize the HRM challenges created by changing technology and byworkforce changes, including workforce composition, labor supply and demand,skill requirements, contingent workers, and diversity.3.Describe how HRM can support continuous improvement programs.4.Explain why ethics is important to HRM and organizations, and describe thefeatures of an effective ethics program.

This lesson summarizes the major forces that are changing the business environmentand how it effect on Business and how these changes specifically impact this importantbusiness function. Since businesses do not operate in a vacuum, any change in theenvironment, such as where and by whom work is done, how work is done, who isavailable...
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