Hr Policies and Implementation of Hr Policies in a Global Company and Its Subsidiaries

Topics: Human resource management, Land Rover, Tata Motors Pages: 11 (3305 words) Published: March 7, 2012
1. Introduction

In this report we are going to discuss about the people management, the strategic human resource management in relation to the standardization of. Presently there are many HRM models implemented in many of the companies. In this study we take the Jaguar & Land Rover Company as an example, whose policies are implemented globally and standardizing some of them, for all of its subsidiaries. Though there are many policies in SHRM, not all of them apt to all subsidiaries of Jaguar and Land Rover, because each of them has different culture and different reasons.Human resource management deals with the employee relations that regards to the distribution of payroll and dealing with employee relations at a particular location. The human resources (HR) function has been viewed as a provider of local services addressing individual employee questions. As the organizations have grown (both domestically and internationally), HR headcount and the number of localized HR regulations have proliferated as well. As a result, HR processes in many companies have begun to resemble the tax codes which have fragmented, poorly documented, and become a subject to the various interpretations of individuals located around the globe Coro Strandberg (2009).As a result, the companies are now taking a harder look at how they are hiring, connecting and developing their employees on a worldwide basis. In addition to these, the companies are needed to take advantage of the economies of scale, by managing costs and leveraging information technology to increase HR’s efficiency and effectiveness Sharma S., Sharma J. and Devi A. (2007).When the companies decide to develop their global standards, they need to consider the changes needed for the governance of global processes, address local budgeting and change the management concerns. From a more strategic perspective, HR need to more actively develop a globally integrated workforce, facilitating the organization’s ability to identify, develop and connect the talent around the globe.With the demographic, geographic and competitive challenges faced by the today’s organizations, the need to standardize and harmonize HR processes has never been that greater. It not only cause confusion within the HR community, but it leads to the perception among internal stakeholders, that the HR is unwilling or unable to maintain the same level of discipline expected from other parts of the business Nancy R Lockwood (2004).

2. Standardization of HR practices:

Standardization of HR practices on global basis refers to certain practices related to human resource, which should be standardized, and all the company should make it a benchmark for the Kaizen model of total quality. Kaizen is basically the Japanese model of quality, but now days all of the countries are following it by setting it as a benchmark Leah Rubi (2003). Most of the companies are facing a difficulty in standardizing the HR policies, as it is one of the great strategic moves taken by them. There will be more ups and downs in a company, immediately after standardizing. After standardizing some of the HR policies, the companies should monitor its impacts and also have to modify the things which are not helping to lead in positive direction Kat Baker (2009).Take the example of the Jaguar and Land rover, which was bought as a single entity by The Ford Motor Company in the year 2002. The Ford had acquired the Jaguar Cars in the year 1989, and the Land Rover from the BMW in the year 2000. In 2008 the Jaguar Land Rover Company was acquired by the Tata Motors from the Ford. Where it had some of the HR policies like; A Healthy, safe and happy environment at the workplace, The Management with open book style or non union based and some more policies, in its UK plant. But in its Germany plant it has to work in a union. So, all the HR policies can’t be standardized as the organization has its presence all over the globe. Only some of the HR...
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