Consumers' Behavior on Exotic Foods

Topics: Eating, Food, Nutrition Pages: 21 (5205 words) Published: March 1, 2013

The researcher would like to extend his sincere gratitude and appreciation to the following who gave precious contribution toward the completion of this thesis:

Ms. Wilma G. Nonato, her adviser, for her untiring support and professional guidance in the preparation and completion of this study;

To her editor, Ms. Henson for her kindness and understanding in allowing us to use her profession to be our grammarian in this study.

To our professors Ms. Sahndra Lyn P. Capino and Mr. Jed Madlambayan for their valuable suggestion;

To his panellists, Mr. Jumar Basco and Mr. Rizalde Capio for their constructive criticism and suggestion for the improvement of this study;

To all the exotic foods consumers in Everybody’s Cafe, 19copung-copung, Apag Marangle, and Gubat Grill who participated in our study by giving their precious time and cooperation in the accomplishment of the questionnaires.

Lastly, to all the students of HRM Department who keeps on encouraging us in fulfilling this study, to our parents, who are always there for us, in financial assistance and guidance in this study

Consumers’ Behavior on Exotic Foods

Rona Jane Adriano, Ma. Charmaine Y. Briones, Kimberly M. Ocampo, Rosalie C. Packer


The study was conducted to identify and evaluate the consumers’ behavior on exotic foods of the consumers’ in. The descriptive method of research was used in this study. The researcher distributed the questionnaires to four restaurants. Each restaurant has a quota of ten respondents a total of forty respondents for the researcher’s convenience. Convenience-Quota sampling technique a non-probability sampling was used in getting the respondents. There were twenty-nine (29) male and eleven (11) female who consume exotic foods in the selected restaurant. The researchers selected a particular exotic foods to choose from namely Tugak (Field Frog), Kamaru (Mole Crickets), Bayawak/Barag (Monitor Lizard), and Dagang Palay (Farm Rats) and others if they have consumed other exotic foods aside from the exotic food that are mentioned. Here are the other exotic foods Snake, Eel, Kambing (Farm Goat), Balot (Fertilized duck embryo), Tatad (Huge worm), Pawikan (Turtle) and Dog. Since the topic is generally for consumers’ behavior on exotic foods. Among those four exotic foods Tugak (Field Frog) have the highest consumers because it is more realistic to eat rather than the insects and reptiles. The researchers find out that the consumers behavior on exotic food is based on its attitudes and perceptions of individuals.

Exotic food is food that a person finds strange and/or unfamiliar. Exotic food can be unusual types of meats, fruits, vegetables or spices or it can be the way that the food is prepared. (Fred Flanders, eHow Contributor) Exotic food was coined when people from one region/country moved to other countries and started experimenting with not so regular foods, as a result of non-availability of shortage of regular foods. However, there is no record as to the actual time of exotic dishes coming into existence. According to a blog (Manyaman Mangan Queni ,2009), due to revolts, floods, disasters and the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, Kapampangans experienced extreme famine, hunger and poverty in the 18th century mainly in Angeles City. This is the reason why Kapampangans created dishes out of the most horrible creatures and weirdest ingredients. Tugak (field frogs), daguis pale ampong atbu (field mice found in rice field and sugarcane plantations), barag/bayawak (monitor lizard) and kamaru (mole cricket) are just some of the variations of exotic dishes in Angeles City. The concept of "exotic food" seems to be well known to many consumers. Some people are more familiar to exotic food consumption and even accepted it as a part of their lifestyle but to others it may be a bit eccentric. Each individual have different reasons why they eat exotic foods, may it be of the taste or appearance of...
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