Trend of Fast Food Francise in Metro Manila

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Food industry Pages: 15 (5309 words) Published: June 25, 2012
tExpansion Trend of Fast Food Franchises in Metro Manila
Chen, Mei-Liang, Lecturer, Department of International Business, Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management, Taiwan Chen, Kuang-Jung, Professor, Department of Business Administration, Chihlee Institute of Technology, Taiwan Liu, Chu-Mei, Department of International Trade, Tamkang University, Taiwan

ABSTRACT This study of late 2009 analyzes fast food buying behavior in Metro Manila and compares and contrasts the marketing’s four P’s of twelve fast food franchises. Fast food franchises dominate the food and beverage industry, and there are currently thirty-two thousand fast food restaurants in Metro Manila. The most commonly used promotion tools of these restaurants are window dressing, free delivery, and radio, TV, and flyer advertisings. The success of Manila’s fast food industry lies in its standard Fast food Nevertheless, fast food processes, limited menus, enhancement of values, speed, swift services, and distribution right. industry has successfully changed most people’s daily habits in many big cities. franchises are reluctant to develop in suburban areas. fast food industry to expand in the Philippines. Keywords: Fast Food Industry; Influence Behavior; Markets; Marketing Strategies Filipinos are increasing into fast food, as the rapid expansion of fast food restaurants in Metro Manila can prove that. There are currently many newly opened fast food restaurants across Metro Growth of population and changes in consumer In addition, influxes of population and Manila and other major cities in the Philippines.

Regarding this, there is still plenty of room for

behavior has facilitated the prosperity of fast food industry.

changes in lifestyles – such as preferences for leisure, convenience, and food-away-from-home, women’s changing role in the society, and the urbanization of families – all contribute to the growth of fast food industry. Fast food industry builds upon two basic individual demands. From its model of franchise and Being exposed to media advertisement, Furthermore, given the reasonable and affordable product Therefore, fast food industry can product concepts, fast food industry will continue to grow. consumers’ dining habits have been changed.

prices, the increasing number of white-collar workers – particularly white-collar women, whether single or married, young or old – has boosted the demand for food service. be said to develop upon the structural changes in working class and families. Statistics indicates that there are currently thirty-two thousand fast food restaurants in Metro Manila. However, the survey of consumer tendency in Metro Manila shows that profits of fast food franchises depend on product consumption frequencies. Most fast food franchises create profits by expanding branch stores. Obviously, there is still plenty of room for fast food industry to expand. Therefore, it is necessary for managements to apply effective management strategies for promotion programs. However, many enterprises are indifferent to whether or not advertisings or promotion strategies will facilitate their sales performances, despite the fact that integrating product, price, place, and promotion strategies into marketing mixes is a key process during decision-making. Given that fast

food franchises dominate the food and beverage industry, this study aims to analyze fast food buying behavior in Metro Manila and compare and contrast the marketing’s four P’s of twelve fast food franchises. The twelve fast food franchises here refer to MOS Burger, Tropical Hut, Shake, Pizza Hut, Jollibee, Domino, McDonald’s , Wendy’s, KFC, Cindy’s, Burger King, and Subway. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK This study carries out a thorough research on consumer behavior based on the theories of Hawkin et al. (1983) in an attempt to propose effective marketing strategies and feasible guidelines for these strategies. Hawkin et al. defined consumer lifestyle as a way of...
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